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Best one I have used!

Definitely recommend this course. I had tried several other avenues and courses on learning CW, but this CD set was formatted so much better than the rest. I like how they start with 2 letters and a number in one block, and then gradually move you into a few symbols and pro-signs. Not to mention they are very encouraging. About the 3rd block of the course, it starts to seem a little overwhelming but the narrator is constantly reassuring and reaffirming that you are, in fact learning. Even though you don't have to have a practice oscillator for this course, I would highly recommend getting one, so that you can generate code during these learning blocks.

If you decide to purchase this, you won't be disappointed. Just stick with it and don't be afraid to put it down for a day or two if it seems overwhelming. Take your time, let it soak in, and then come back to it.

– GearJammer

Good Way to Learn to Code.

I like the learning program Dr. Parks presents in this series of CDs for learning Morse Code. It is easy to listen to and work on as I follow the lessons. She has broken the letters and characters into blocks of three (such as A, Z and 4 in one block, Y, F and 6 in another, and so on) and you sequentially work on learning the code characters in each block, with periodic reviews over all that you have practiced so far.

The important part, of course, is to stay with it. But by listening and by tapping out or using a key to sound out the characters you are learning, bit by bit you'll get the code down. As you proceed, you will be able to code and decode all in your head, if you wish. This avoids the need to remember a chart or diagram and makes for quicker learning and longer retention, as well a way to increase speed.

It works for me and I'm just learning it in my sixth decade.

– Wasatch Reader

Really great Morse Code course

Really great Morse Code course. I've been trying to learn the code on and off for 40 years. This finally nailed it for me. Jessica is tremendous! Now, I go back to the "other" old courses and can listen along just fine. Dr. Parks' explanations and psychology-based approach is very understandable and useful. See, you already know the names of the letters. Now, you just need to learn a second name for each one, kind of like we do when we learn French. It's fun. Do it!

– Ned Lecky

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