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License Guaranteed: Technician

Your technician class license is the key to the world of ham radio. This online course provides study drills on the exact questions you'll see on your test. But you won't just be memorizing answers: each question is accompanied by an explanation of the FCC rule, operating procedure, physical principle, or safety issue behind the question. Questions are presented based on your unique progress to focus on the areas you need to apply the most attention to; the course makes optimal use of your study time. You'll even receive a reminder when it's time to wrap up your study session and take a break — peak attention only holds out for so long.

  • Every question from the updated 2018 pool
  • More than just memorization
  • Adaptive, guided practice
  • Optimal use of study time
  • Practice tests to gauge progress
  • Downloadable flash cards with key information
  • Works on desktop, laptop, tablet, phone: study where it's convenient

You will pass the Technician class license exam after completing this course: guaranteed or your money back. Let's get started!